kia ora

I'm Adam Dempsey or dempsas. Web Developer by day and web developer by night with a good chunk of gaming and shouting mixed in.

Based in sunny Dunedin, New Zealand. When I'm not tapping away on a keyboard I can be found in the ocean, at the pub or even on a walking track.


During the day I do cool web things for The Logic Studio mainly as a SilverStripe developer but dabble in a bunch of things all while tweeting too much

Outside of work I like to tinker away on a few web projects, write for and help manage the gaming website Awkward Machine and repair old gameboys

the logic studio Awkward Machine coming soon

If you want to get in contact with me, flick me a tweet or an email


In between building the internet, shouting at video games and writing on Awkward Machine I also like to point my camera at things. Below is a few of my shots, for more check out my 500px

  • sunset
  • dunedin
  • macro
  • te anau
  • sparks

I have also been known to post the odd Instagram here and there